Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Radio CALS - March 1, 2017

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Today's broadcast of Radio CALS (3/01/2017) features:
  • Primary Sources - On this week's show, host Matt DeCample is joined in the Radio CALS studio by Little Rock Zoo director, Susan Altrui. A story released by THV 11 back in December 2016 gives this abbreviated history of the Zoo, "Ninety years ago, the Little Rock Zoo brought wildlife to the citizens of Arkansas with just two animals: an abandoned timber wolf and a circus-trained bear. Today, the Zoo is one of Arkansas’ most attended attractions, with approximately 300,000 visitors annually. It cares for more than 700 animals representing 200 different species, many endangered."  The story goes on to quote Altrui as saying, "The Zoo is a place that nurtures our passion for animals and encourages respect for all living things. It’s a place where learning lives."  Hear Susan Altrui talk in-depth about her work as recently appointed director of the Little Rock Zoo, her passion for animals and vision for the future of the Zoo on this week's Radio CALS, and don't forget to subscribe to CALS's podcasts at the link below.               
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Arkansas Sounds Presents
Moving Forward: A Music by Itsjusbobby
Friday, March 24, 7pm
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