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Radio CALS - December 23, 2016

*NEW YEAR, NEW TIME!  Get ready for changes to Radio CALS in the new year.  Starting on January 4th, 2017, Radio CALS will move to a new day and time!  Tune in to KABF 88.3 FM at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays for all things CALS: Primary Sources, Chewing the Fat, AR Sounds, Bizarre Arkansas, Butler Center Collections, and more! 

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Today's broadcast of Radio CALS (12/23/16) features:

  • Primary Sources - This week on Primary Sources, Kane Webb from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism sits down in the Radio CALS studio with the Principal of Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock, Steve Straessle.  Straessle, himself a product of Catholic High, talks about his childhood growing up in Little Rock, as well as fond remembrances of his alma mater and the journey that lead him back there.  
  • Collections - An interview with Carol-Ann Blow, who attended Catholic schools in Little Rock during desegregation and was the first African-American student to attend Mount St. Mary Academy. 
  • Bizarre Arkansas - In this edition of Bizarre Arkansas, Stewart Fuell shares his own experience with supernatural phenomena.
  • Chewing the Fat - This week, Rex and Paul chew the fat about Christmas, the smell of cedar trees, quail hunting and tree gathering, shooting mistletoe out of trees, the timing of gift opening, working on Christmas Eve, .22 rifles, weird plastic squirrel gifts, the ill effects of early discovery of gifts, stockings, Paul’s conviction that Jesus wanted him to get a lot of gifts, Paul’s uncle Conway and his status as a serious Baptist, The Black Stallion, the Lighthouse Bookstore in Jonesboro, Christmas cantatas, Paul’s advancement through roles in the Christmas play at Imboden, Rex’s church in Arkadelphia and some nerve-wracking performances, visits of random Methodists, Mrs. Shamburger: choir leader and sparkle specialist, Youth Sunday tensions, getting Santa’s presents in the middle of the night, Santa’s big mistake regarding Paul’s son Josh’s first set of golf clubs, stressful times trying to assemble presents, more weird presents, Rex’s grandfather’s toe problem and resulting stocking designs, yard sweeping, special Christmas food, fried quail and grits, peppermint cake, egg custard pie, Karo syrup uses, the shocking realization that Catholic Midnight Mass really starts at midnight, the earlier (wimpy) services Rex attends, and checking out the Pope.
  • Music from the Butler Center's Arkansas Sounds music collection.

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The full Chewing the Fat podcast is now available at

Arkansas Sounds: The Last Waltz (40th Anniversary Film Screening)
Friday, January 27, 7 p.m.
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
100 River Market Ave.
General admission: $5

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Radio CALS is a production of the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), its Arkansas history department, the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, and the CALS Community Outreach Department. For more information, visit and Radio CALS was produced this week by John Miller, Brett Ratliff, Keeley Wooten, Stewart Fuell, Stephanie Bayless, David Stricklin, and Glenn Whaley. Voices by John Miller and Jasmine Jobe. Engineering and editing by Michael Stotts and Anna Lancaster. Our production manager is Glenn Whaley. Our executive producers are Lee Ann Blackwell Hoskyn and David Stricklin. 


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