Monday, September 20, 2010

New Collections Available in the Research Room

The following collections are now open to researchers in the ASI research room:

MSS 05-26 Bayou Meto Township Justice of the Peace Docket Ledgers
This collection contains two volumes of docket records for cases heard by justices of the peace in Bayou Meto Township. The cases documented cover the time period of 1875-1942.

MSS 05-27 Gray Township Justice of the Peace Docket Ledgers
This collection contains records of civil and criminal cases heard by Justices of the Peace of Gray Township, Pulaski County, Arkansas, from 1871-1909.

MSS 05-29 Charles A. Williams Jr. Collection
This collection contains documents, correspondence, photographs and publications related to the experiences of Charles A. Williams, Jr., in the 206th Coast Artillery, a unit of the Arkansas National Guard, including service at Dutch Harbor, Alaska, in 1941 to 1943.

MSS 06-08 Asa S. Morgan Civil War Letters
The collection consists of four letters written by Morgan back to his wife in Arkansas.

MSS 06-30 T.B. Swearingen Civil War Reminiscenes
This small collection contains Thomas B. Swearingen's recollections of the Civil War in the community of Lee Creek (or Lee's Creek), in Crawford County, Arkansas.

MSS 08-07 Carolyn LeMaster Arkansas Jewish History Collection
This collection contains materials collected in the course of Carolyn Gray LeMaster's research on the history of the Jewish people in Arkansas and the writing of A Corner of the Tapestry: A History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas, 1820s-1990s.

MSS 09-04 Dora P. Hirsch Photograph Album
This 72-page album contains 151 photos dated from 1898 to 1904, taken at the home and in the neighborhood of the Pollock/Hirsch families in Little Rock, as well as at resort areas near Little Rock.

MSS 09-22 Ardon Thomas (Tom) Johnson World War II Collection
This small collection contains print material and digitally reproduced materials on CD about and by Ardon Thomas Johnson, pilot and photographer.

MSS 09-35 Jim Davis Hot Springs Collection
This collection contains more than 900 images, photographs and postcards of the Hot Springs area including photographs of buildings, scenes, people, events, and natural disasters, as well as, promotional brochures and souvenirs by railroads, government agencies, and tourism groups.

MSS 10-19 Arkansas Hadassah Collection
This collection contains publications, photos and documents related to the Arkansas Chapter of Hadassah, a women's Zionist organization.

MSS 10-25 Batesville Land Office Ledger Book
This collection consists of a Sales Book from the United States General Land Office, in Batesville, Arkansas Territory.

MSS 10-26 Albert Pike Letters and Documents
This collection contains original letters written by Albert Pike and his son Luther H. Pike to John C. Peay, from 1861 to 1889, and two deeds conveying land to Albert Pike, from 1853 and 1857, as well as photocopies and transcriptions of the letters and documents.


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