Friday, August 1, 2008

The Butler Center Launches Online Course for Educators

The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies has posted a three-part online course as part of the Professional Development for Educators course listing at, which is hosted by Pulaski County Special School District Instructional Technology Department.

The course, Arkansas History for Educators, was developed by Kay Bland, Butler Center Educator and Coordinator of the Ruled by Race project and is designed to teach educators how to use the Butler Center online resources for teaching Arkansas history.

The three two-hour sessions guide educators as they explore classroom utilization ideas using Butler Center resources while fulfilling the ADE mandate for Arkansas History professional development. The resources include the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture, the lesson plans and the AV/AR collection of oral histories and home movies along with the Aftermath collection from the Digital Collections found at the Butler Center web page.

Upon completion of the course, teachers will know how to utilize the links among the resources.

Arkansas History for Educators intends to provide hands-on experience for teachers who need access to a high-quality training that allows for time flexibility. The course is free for teachers, but teachers must register to take the course by using the contact information found on the course host website:


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