Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New collections available

Here’s a list of collections we’ve recently processed at the Butler Center. 

MSS.08.52 Ladies Aid Society, Winfield Memorial Church collection
This collection consists of a ledger containing membership and financial records of the Ladies Aid Society of Winfield Memorial Church, Little Rock, Ark.

MSS.09.03 Womble, Arkansas, collection
This collection contains a small photograph album of scenes from the town of Womble, now Norman, Ark.

MSS.10.12 Helen Doris Dyer collection
This collection contains letters written by eleven-year-old Helen Doris Dyer to her family at Clarendon, Ark., as well as correspondence and hospital records pertaining to her time as a patient at Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children, Shreveport, Louisiana.

MSS.10.33 Carnall and Wheeler ledgers and letter books
This collection consists of three ledgers and two letter books containing records for the Fort Smith and Sebastian County, Ark., businesses of John Carnall individually, and for two of his real estate partnerships, one with John Foster Wheeler, and one with William W. Wheeler.

MSS.10.34 William H. Engels account book
This collection consists of a ledger book used by William H. Engels of Farmington, Ark., in his grist and sawmill business and his farm, along with miscellaneous receipts. The book contains mainly business records from 1866 to 1867, with a few pages of entries dated from 1857 to 1864. The first twenty pages of the volume were used by Engels as an arithmetic exercise book while he was a student in Fayetteville.

MSS.11.73 Charles E. Wade Worthen Bank collection
This collection contains documents, photographs, and memorabilia collected by Charles E. Wade during his tenure with Worthen Bank and Trust Company. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs accumulated during the time of the company's expansion to include first drive-through teller windows and then branch banks. A number of photographs record the involvement of the Central Little Rock Urban Renewal Project in clearing downtown property which was then acquired by Worthen Bank for the construction of a new headquarters building at 200 West Capitol Avenue.

MSS.12.37 Abraham Block research collection
This collection contains notes and photocopies of material related to the Abraham and Fanny Block family as well as contextual material related to Jewish history.

MSS.12.49 Griffin-Wylie family collection
This collection contains photographs, genealogical information, and other materials related to the families of Lois Amelia Griffin and Richard Douglas Wylie.

MSS.13.45 Payton Kolb scrapbook
This scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and other memorabilia related to Kolb's high school and college training and performances as a musician as well as photographs related to his military service.

MSS.13.58 Thomas J. Rainey High School collection
This collection contains a scrapbook and other material related to the creation of the Thomas J. Raney High School.

MSS.13.75 Little Rock School District records
This collection primarily consists of meeting minutes from the LRSD Board of Directors covering the period of 1877-1972. There are additional meeting minutes from the Womans [sic.] Teachers Association of LRSD, Parents and Teachers Association of LRSD, and Dunbar Junior College. A scrapbook of newspaper clippings about education in Little Rock from the 1870s to 1890s, as well as yearbooks from Hall High School and Little Rock Central High School are also included in the collection.

MSS.13.77 J.H. James Civil War letters
This collection contains three letters written by J. H. James of Company D, Sixth Arkansas Cavalry Battalion, to his mother, Sarah B. James, of Lake Providence, Louisiana.

MSS.14.42 David O. Dodd Extension Homemakers Club collection
The David O. Dodd Extension Homemakers Club collection contains organizational records consisting of scrapbooks and pamphlets. The scrapbooks were created and maintained by club secretaries and cover most years between 1930 and 2013. The bulk of the pamphlets are club yearbooks and secretary's record books and cover the same time period.

MSS.14.55 Consolidated White River Academy Stockholder’s Association minutes book
This collection consists of a book recording the annual meeting minutes of the stockholders' association which supported and oversaw the work of the Consolidated White River Academy, Brinkley, Ark.

MSS.14.74 Pleasant Lumpkin Tomlin Civil War letters
This collection contains photocopies and transcriptions of letters written by Pleasant Lumpkin Tomlin of Columbia County, Ark., just before and during his service with Johnson's 15th Arkansas Infantry Regiment.

MSS.15.07 Hiram H. Chamberlin Civil War letter
This collection consists of a letter written by Hiram Chamberlin while he was serving with Company L of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry at Helena, Ark.

MSS.15.08 W. Lewis Civil War letter
This collection contains a letter written in November 1864 by W. Lewis, then stationed at DeValls, Bluff, Ark. The author is believed to be Walter Lewis of Company F of the 20th Iowa Infantry.

MSS.15.09 James Hook Civil War report
This collection contains an informal report by James Hook of Terre Haute, Indiana, on the expedition sent by the Indiana Sanitary Commission to provide relief to the troops fighting in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas in the summer of 1863. The report was written over a period of a few days and reports events both on the steamer and in the towns and camps they visited.

MSS.17.41 Excelsior, Arkansas, collection
This collection contains documents and correspondence relating to the town of Excelsior established along the route of the Midland Valley Railroad in Sebastian County, Ark., as well as a plat map of the town of Excelsior.

MSS.17.44 Terrence Roberts papers
The Terrence Roberts papers contain the professional and personal records of psychologist, writer and speaker, and Little Rock Nine member, Terrence Roberts. The bulk of the collection consists of research, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and audiovisual material related to the Little Rock Central High School Desegregation Crisis and Crisis commemoration events. Research, writings, correspondence, and records pertaining to Roberts' psychology career are included in the collection as well. Also in the collection is personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches and writings, personal records, photographs, awards, and artwork.

MSS.17.45 Colony Herald newspapers
This collection contains two editions of The Colony Herald, a newspaper published by the Dyess Colony in Mississippi County, Ark., from May 1936 to November 1937.

MSS.17.63 Curtis Jones World War I collection addendum
This collection contains correspondence between Curtis Jones and his wife Jessie as well as some correspondence to and from other members of his family and friends during Jones's military service during World War I. It also contains ephemera and a few photographs.

CP.02.03.02 Bill Clinton Gubernatorial record group; Education series; Gloria Cabe subseries
This collection contains working papers from Gloria Cabe, Senior Advisor on Education and Liaison to National Education Organizations for Governor Bill Clinton from 1988 to 1990, and Chief of Staff to the governor in 1991. It includes documents related to the National Governors Association (NGA)’s Educational Summit, held in September 1989, Arkansas’s Restructuring program in 1990, which sought to improve the organizational structure of schools and school districts, and Cabe’s work in the General Assembly. The collection also holds many documents from organizations that interacted with the governor’s office between 1988 and 1991, including U.S. government agencies, large organizations such as the Education Commission of the States (ECS), and many other national, state, and local entities.

CP.02.03.03 Bill Clinton Gubernatorial record group; Education series; Paul Root subseries
This collection contains working papers of Paul Root, a special advisor to Governor Bill Clinton on education, aging, and religion from January 1983 to August 1987. It includes correspondence with constituents, inter-office memoranda and reports, and education-related materials received by mail for the governor and his staff.

CP.02.03.06 Bill Clinton Gubernatorial record group; Education series; Education Team subseries
This collection contains papers and other items from Governor Bill Clinton’s staff. The Education Team was formed in 1989 and continued to function until Clinton was elected president of the United States at the end of 1992. The collection includes briefing papers for Governor Clinton, correspondence with constituents, inter-office memoranda and reports, and education-related materials received by mail for the governor and his staff.

CP.02.03.07 Bill Clinton Gubernatorial record group; Education series; Ann Kamps subseries
This collection contains the working papers of Ann Kamps, who served on Governor Clinton’s staff as Special Assistant to Arkansas's First Lady and as Special Assistant for Early Childhood Programs from 1985 through 1992. Her work covered special programs and events the First Lady organized and attended and most notably the development of the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY).

CP.04.03.01 Bill Clinton Multimedia record group; audio/video series; audio subseries
This subseries contains audio recordings relating to Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial campaigns and career as governor of Arkansas (1978-1992). Also included are recordings from Clinton’s presidential campaign (1991-1992), and early years following his second term as president of the United States (2001-2004).

VWP.20 Frank V. Meeks Jr. Vietnam War collection
This collection contains an oral history interview with Frank V. Meeks Jr. from October 2017, as well as documents and photographs related to his military service.

VWP.22 James E. Mitchell Vietnam War collection
This collection contains written and recorded correspondence from Captain James E. Mitchell to his family during his deployment to Vietnam, as well as other personal and family correspondence, and related documents.

New material added to:

MSS.09.06 Ira McL. Barton collection
This collection contains documents and correspondence related to the service of Lieutenant Ira McL. Barton who was a quartermaster with the Fourth Military District at Pine Bluff, Ark., following the Civil War, as well as additional miscellaneous military documents.

MSS.11.95 Robert Ward Johnson letters
This collection contains three letters written by Robert Ward Johnson, one while he was in the United States Congress, and two while he represented Arkansas in the Confederate Senate.

MSS.11.147 G. Thomas Eisele papers
This collection contains documents, pamphlets, journals, and photographs related to G. Thomas Eisele, his career, and family.

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