Friday, September 30, 2016

Radio CALS - September 30, 2016

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Today's broadcast of Radio CALS (9/30/16) features:
  • Primary Sources, the CALS podcast, continues with a portion of an interview with John Kirk, the George W. Donaghey Distinguished Professor of History and Director of the Joel E. Anderson Institute Race and Ethnicity at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Grif Stockley interviewed Dr. Kirk in 2016 about his background in Northern England and his early awareness of issues about race relations.
  • An interview with Mark Christ, author/editor of numerous books; Christ has a book coming out from Butler Center Books this fall called Competing Memories: The Legacy of Arkansas's Civil War
  • A portion of a talk Philip Kaplan gave at LifeQuest about Governor Sidney McMath. Today we’ll hear Kaplan's description of some of Sid McMath's accomplishments as governor, working to improve Arkansas’s roads and medical services.
  • Bizarre Arkansas's Stewart Fuell shares his own experience with supernatural phenomena.
  • This week on Chewing the Fat with Rex and Paul (Rex Nelson and Paul Austin), Rex is out of town, so Paul begins a conversation with Jan Austin, his patient spouse, whom Paul often mentions in the broadcast, usually about how he was supposed to bring her a fried pie but ate it on the way home, as they talk about Rex, about going on some of Rex and Paul’s adventures, getting to know each other’s families in Helena and in Imboden, how she once picked out her own present, how Paul got his first television when he got out of the Navy and the smelly box it sat on, the window-rattling train that goes right by Paul’s family home in Imboden, how some friends there helped build a deck for Paul’s mother and the pressure they felt to get it square and level, the flood of 1982, Paul’s father’s scary but award-winning beard, charming Jan’s Yankee relatives, and meeting her favorite teacher. 
  • Music from the Butler Center's Arkansas Sounds music collection
Links related to this broadcast:

The full Primary Sources podcast is available at

Arkansas Sounds: Wayland Holyfield and Randy Goodrum
Friday, October 7, 7 p.m.
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
100 River Market Ave.
General admission: $15 
The full Chewing the Fat podcast is now available at 
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Radio CALS is a production of the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), its Arkansas history department, the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, and the CALS Community Outreach Department. For more information, visit and Radio CALS was produced this week by Stewart Fuell, Rod Lorenzen, John Miller, Keeley Wooten, David Stricklin, and Glenn Whaley. Voices by John Miller and Jasmine Jobe. Engineering and editing by Michael Stotts and Anna Lancaster. Our production manager is Glenn Whaley. Our executive producers are Lee Ann Blackwell Hoskyn and David Stricklin. 


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