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Radio CALS - March 4, 2016

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Today's broadcast of Radio CALS (3/4/16) features:
  • Selections from an interview with Bobby Roberts, retiring director of the Central Arkansas Library System, conducted in 2010
  • Selections from Legacies & Lunch featuring Bernadette Cahill, discussing women's fight for the right to vote in Arkansas, a topic she has researched thoroughly 
  • Information about CALS' digital resources from Information Services staff members
  • A reading of a letter from the Butler Center's collection of Civil War materials, written by George M. Blodgett, a Union sailor who spent part of the war in Arkansas; he describes an attack on the USS Mound City on the White River in Arkansas in 1862, sometimes called "the deadliest shot of the war"
  • Bizarre Arkansas, featuring information on Monte Ne, a partially completed, abandoned, and possibly haunted luxury resort built by failed presidential candidate William "Coin" Harvey
  • Chewing the Fat with Rex and Paul, who talk about chicken livers, gravy, Franke’s in Little Rock, Gables in Arkadelphia, Wallace Edwards & Sons, Petit Jean meats, Yarnell’s ice cream, bygone soft drink brands, the best Big Mac Paul ever ate (he was in the Navy), weird methods of school discipline, Little Rock’s Catholic High School for Boys, legendary headmaster Father George Tribou, Paul’s Uncle Conway and how preachers “curse,” the Battle of the Ravine in 2013, and Fat Boy’s Barbecue in Arkadelphia
  • An interview with Brad Mooy, coordinator of the Arkansas Literary Festival, and Amy Bradley-Hole, moderator chair of the Literary Festival 
  • An interview with Geraldine Purcell Davidson, who shares her experiences at Fargo Agricultural School for African American Children, a private residential school operated until 1949 and located outside of Brinkley, Arkansas
  • An interview with Sgt. A. Keith Jernigan, a Korean War veteran 
  • Information about and music performed by Beth Ditto, Arkansas native and former member of popular punk/dance band, the Gossip, who has since gone solo 
  • Selections from an Arkansas Sounds tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, performed by musicians Greg Spradlin, Stephen Koch, Stephanie Smittle, Tommy Priakos, and Keith Symanowitz
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Finding Family Facts, a free monthly genealogy class held on the second Monday of each month, 3:30-5 p.m., Room 204, ASI Building 401 Pres. Clinton Ave. 

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The Arkansas Literary Festival, April 14-17, 2016

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Interview with Geraldine Purcell Davidson, who attended the Fargo Agricultural School for African American Children 

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Sgt. A. Keith Jernigan interview from the Korean War Project

This Month in Arkansas History: Peggy Vining, appointed Poet Laureate of Arkansas in 2003

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Music used in this broadcast was created by David Szesztay ( and the Joy Drops (

Radio CALS is a production of the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), its Arkansas history department, the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, and the CALS Community Outreach Department. For more information, visit and Radio CALS was produced this week by Stephanie Bayless, Lee Ann Blackwell Hoskyn, Kate Chagnon, Stewart Fuell, Katie Jones, John Miller, Brad Mooy, Brian Robertson, Chris Stewart, David Stricklin, and Glenn Whaley. Voices by Kate Chagnon, Mark Hotchkiss, and Jasmine Jobe. Engineering and editing by Michael Stotts and Anna Lancaster. Our production manager is Glenn Whaley. Our executive producers are Lee Ann Blackwell Hoskyn and David Stricklin. 


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