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Radio CALS - March 25, 2016

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Today's broadcast of Radio CALS (3/25/16) features:
  • Selections from an interview with Bobby Roberts, who retired as director of the Central Arkansas Library System on March 4, 2016, after leading the system for almost 27 years; the interview was conducted at Legacies & Lunch on March 2, 2016, by Clinton School of Public Service Dean Skip Rutherford; in this segment, Roberts discusses bond campaigns, the amount of funding approved by voters for public libraries, the growth and future of digital activity in the library system, changes in community use of library services, the increase in yearly income needed for the library to continue operating at its current levels, Roberts' plans for retirement, rural libraries in Arkansas, Roberts' work with prison systems, the positive and negative effects of term limits on the Arkansas General Assembly, and more 
  • An interview with Laura Neale, teen programmer at CALS McMath Library and coordinator of CALS Con 2016, a free family-friendly celebration of pop culture fandom; interview conducted by Laura Hodo, manager of CALS McMath Library; they discuss this year's expansion of the event and what self-professed nerds and geeks can expect to enjoy at this year's event
  • Bizarre Arkansas, with a story about a traveling salesman known only as "Old Mike" who became a macabre tourist attraction in Prescott when he passed away and his corpse was displayed for many years while attempts were made to determine his identity
  • Chewing the Fat with Rex and Paul, who chew the fat about Girl Scout and Boy Scout camps, Cedar Valley, Camp Tula, Camp Orr, the Buffalo River, Viola, the Baptist camp at Ravenden Springs, Siloam Springs, Methodist camp meetings, the Methodist camp at Davidson, kids and camp jokes about food—“This is Sue; she makes our stew”—the Cedar Glade camp, Baptist Royal Ambassadors, getting poison ivy and poison oak and chigger bites at the same time, hauling hay, BLTs, Vienna sausage, homemade chocolate rolls, the “rock crusher” near Imboden and the perils of working at a gravel pit, Bauxite, “alum teeth,” the Alum Fork of the Saline River, Black Rock, Herschel Bryant, Paul’s friend who rode his bike into a flooded gravel pit for a dollar, the Devil’s Bathtub, the Needle’s Eye, Watauga Springs, Cave City, people who get gallons of water at the public fountains in Hot Springs, the believed medicinal properties of the water at Heber Springs, eating Vicks VapoRub, Rex’s grandfather’s obsession with Alka-Seltzer, Paul’s run-in with a lady who got him to take turpentine and sugar for a stomach malady, and using aspirin and Coca-Cola as a cure-all
  • An interview with Erin Wood, editor of Scars: An Anthology, which will be featured in the Arkansas Literary Festival 2016; interview conducted by Amy Bradley-Hole, Lit Fest moderator chair; Scars: An Anthology examines the range and nuance of experiences related to scars of the body; it was published by Et Alia Press in Little Rock 
  • Who You?, a genealogy segment featuring a continuation of an interview with Maria Hoskins, a former senior staff member of Vic Snyder; interview conducted by Rhonda Stewart, the Butler Center's local history and genealogy expert; they discuss Hoskins' process in writing her previous books and her upcoming publication, Down Home in Arkansas: A Family Reunion Story 
  • An interview with Sue Gaiser, who relays funny stories about her experiences with clumsiness throughout her life
  • Selections from an Arkansas Sounds concert featuring Velvet Kente, an Arkansas collective of musicians with a wide range of influences
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