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Radio CALS - February 5, 2016

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Today's broadcast of Radio CALS (2/5/16) features:
  • David Pryor, talking about his love of the Old State House, his early legislative involvement with the Young Turks, his inability to pass a memorial bill for Winston Churchill, and a kind note he received from Orval Faubus 
  • Selections from Legacies & Lunch featuring Aretha Dodson discussing one room schoolhouses, split sessions, segregation during her childhood, and her book, That's the Way it Wuz Back Then 
  • This Month in Arkansas History - On February 6, 1944, Willie Kavanaugh Hocker (schoolteacher, poet, and designer of AR State Flag) passed away. 
  • Arkansas musicians with birthdays in February: Lonnie Glosson, who helped popularize the harmonica and the "talking blues," and, with longtime partner Wayne Raney, had many hits including a #1 Country and Western song in 1949, "Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me"; Art Porter Sr., legendary jazz pianist and music educator who also composed classical and spiritual music 
  • This Month in Arkansas History - On Feb. 7, 2001, Dale Evans ("Queen of the West" and wife of Roy Rogers) passed away. 
  • Chewing the Fat with Rex and Paul, in which they talk about the Slovak Oyster Supper, one of Arkansas's legendary food festivals. They also discuss former Governor Mike Huckabee, former Senator Blanche Lincoln, Catholic food festivals around the state, the Tollville Turkey Fry Supper, Des Arc, the White River Journal, the communities of Imboden, Gregory, Opposition, Ravenden, Republican, and the Grady Fish Fry. 
  • This Month in Arkansas History - Hattie Caraway, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate, was born on February 1, 1878.
  • CALS Stories interview with Chris Hancock 
  • Oral history by Freeman McKindra, community organizer 
  • Performance by John Bush quintet 
  • Take 5 interview with Eric Meincke, a 17 year old high school senior who will conduct the classical music performance at our next Arkansas Sounds concert, a tribute to Florence Price and William Grant Still
Links related to this broadcast:

Senator David Pryor at Legacies & Lunch

CALS Stories Adventure Challenge

Legacies & Lunch – Selections from the first 100 programs
- Aretha Dodson
EOA entry, Elementary and Secondary Education

Upcoming Arkansas Sounds events:
A Tribute to Florence B. Price and William Grant Still
Friday, February 22, 7 p.m.
Ron Robinson Theater
100 River Market Ave.

CALS Friends of Central Arkansas Libraries information

This Month in Arkansas History:
- Willie Kavanaugh Hocker
- Dale Evans
- Hattie Caraway

Arkansas musicians with birthdays in February:
- Lonnie Glosson
- Art Porter, Sr.

Oral history interview with Freeman McKindra

Pulaski County Historical Society
Public meeting featuring a presentation by Dr. Kristin Mann
Sunday, February 7, 2 p.m.
Central High School National Historical Site Visitors Center
2120 Daisy Bates Dr.

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Radio CALS is a production of the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), its Arkansas history department, the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, and the CALS Community Outreach Department. For more information, visit and Radio CALS was produced this week by Kate Chagnon, Kristin Cooke, Lee Ann Blackwell Hoskyn, Anna Lancaster, John Miller, Chris Stewart, David Stricklin, and Glenn Whaley. Voices by Linda Ellis and Jasmine Jobe. Engineering and editing by Michael Stotts and Anna Lancaster. Our production manager is Glenn Whaley. Our executive producers are Lee Ann Blackwell Hoskyn and David Stricklin. 


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