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From the Smith Family Papers:


About the collection
The papers consist of letters, an autobiography, various publications, photographs, and other materials pertaining to the Smith family. The bulk of the collection is 19th century correspondence among various family members. Colonel Smith was a devout Methodist, and a great deal of information can be gleaned from the materials about the denomination. The collection also covers such topics as education, early reminiscences, travel and description, slavery, economic conditions, the Civil War, and agriculture. Additional items within the papers include genealogical information, financial notes and receipts, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia.

About the Smith family
In 1843, Colonel Maurice Smith journeyed from Fayette County, Tennessee, to Dallas County, Arkansas, with the hope of starting a new life for his family. Col. Smith, a native of Caswell County, North Carolina, ventured into the recently created state with Dr. W. B. Langley and Cornelia (Smith) Langley, his son-in-law and daughter, and their overseers and slaves. In October, the group arrived at the hamlet of Tulip. A new home was soon built, and Smith subsequently returned to Tennessee, where he spent the following year disposing of his lands and preparing his family for the movement to Arkansas. In October 1844, the entire family made the arduous trip westward and soon settled into life at "The Athens of Arkansas." Thus began the enduring legacy of one Arkansas family.

Selected items
1 oz. Spirits Turpentine
1 oz. Coal Oil
1 oz. Sweet Oil
2 drams Spirits Ammonia
2 drams Chloroform 
2 drams Gum Camphor

"A valuable linament"
Series III, Box 1, File 22

"Cure for cancer," partial selection
Series III, Box 1, File 23

Note: These are presented for historical value only. The Butler Center does not endorse these home remedies.


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