Monday, April 28, 2014

From the National Archives:

Did you know that the National Archives has a YouTube series dedicated to interesting items in their collections? The short videos are absolutely fascinating.

From the YouTube description:
This Inside the Vaults video short details fascinating but little-known items in the holdings of the National Archives, including the Polar Collection, the patent for the Eskimo Pie, and State Department cables concerning the abominable snowman.

Supervisory Archivist Pat Anderson shows items from the Polar Collection, which consists of donated documents and artifacts from polar explorers, both north and south. Robert Peary's collected papers, Dayton Brown's paintings from the North Pole, and explorer Paul Siple's penguin carvings are among the holdings. Anderson also shows the patent granted to the developer of the original Eskimo Pie in 1922. Archivist Mark Murphy shows one of his favorite document collections: State Department cables containing regulations of the Government of Nepal for expeditions in search of the yeti, also known as the abominable snowman.

Inside the Vaults includes highlights from the National Archives in the Washington, DC, area and from the Presidential libraries and regional archives nationwide. These shorts present behind-the-scenes exclusives and offer surprising stories about the National Archives treasures. See more from Inside the Vaults at


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