Monday, April 15, 2013

From the Arkansas Small Manuscripts Materials

Daily schedule and menu from the Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium, February 1911.
Arkansas Small Manuscript Materials, Box 26, File 418.

From the Encyclopedia of Arkansas: “The Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium was established in 1909 about three miles south of Booneville (Logan County). Once fully established, the sanatorium was the relocation center for all white Arkansans with tuberculosis. By the time the facility was closed in 1973, it treated over 70,000 patients, and in time, its main hospital, the Nyberg Building, became known worldwide for its tuberculosis treatment.”

For more information about the Sanatorium read the full Encyclopedia of Arkansas article by William Tyrell Leeper or visit the Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium Historic Site website.

*The Arkansas Small Manuscripts Materials (SMM) is a large collection containing miscellaneous documents pertaining to Arkansas. This collection is constantly expanding as new materials arrive at the Butler Center.


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