Monday, September 10, 2012

Reasoner Family Materials, Part I

Sometimes we get small donations of documents from Arkansas families. These small collections offer a glimpse of everyday life in years past and can be some of the most interesting items. This two part blog series features a handful of documents from the Reasoner family of Yell, Pope, and Logan counties. What do you think these documents say about the family? What do they tell you about life in late nineteenth- early twentieth century Arkansas?

W. W. Reasoner, 1902

"Buying Account," August 1887-February 1888

M. A. Dodd(Hartford, Ark.)to W. M. Reasoner (Deleware, Ark.), January 15, 1904

Shoe Ad, E. W. Cunningham (Dardanelle, Ark.), undated

All of these items are located in the Arkansas Small Manuscripts Materials, File #372. The Arkansas Small Manuscripts Materials (SMM) is a large collection containing miscellaneous documents pertaining to Arkansas. This collection is constantly expanding as new materials arrive at the Butler Center.


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