Friday, February 10, 2012

“Your Message in Front of Everybody”

This Baird, Inc. (formally John P. Baird) “Little Rock-North Little Rock Rotary Bulletin Plan” booklet shows us a little bit about the technical side of billboard advertising in the early 1960s. The Rotary Plan proposed the movement of a business’s advertisement to a new billboard location every sixty days in an effort to increase its exposure.

In these documents, you can see a description of the plan and a map with three billboard locations marked.

In the next couple of weeks the blog with feature entries on the three billboards shown on the above map. Each entry will include photographs of the billboard location and an information sheet showing description, size, circulation numbers, etc.

Coming up:
Main Street Bridge (North Little Rock side)
Asher Avenue and Roosevelt Road (Little Rock)
3rd and Marshall Streets (Little Rock)

Stay tuned!

The entire booklet with photographs can be found in MSS 08-06, the Worthen Bank Records, Series IV, Box 1, File 6. This series first appeared on the blog in April 2009.


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