Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Solomon Munger and the Civil War

Solomon V. Munger, ca. 1862

When the Civil War began, Solomon V. Munger, a thirty-eight year old farmer living in Barry County, Michigan, enlisted at Battle Creek in 1862. Due to recruitment and organizational difficulties, two companies of Michigan men (including Munger), sought service in a Missouri regiment. These two companies became companies "H" and "I" of the 2nd Missouri Cavalry. In the summer of 1863, the unit moved into Arkansas, where it participated in the Little Rock Campaign and later the Camden Expedition. In February 1864, Solomon's son, Hiram, enlisted in the Union Army against his father's wishes. Hiram volunteered for service in the 2nd Missouri Cavalry and soon joined his father in Arkansas.

The pair wrote many letters home and several of these letters can be found in MSS 03-23 Munger Family Civil War Letters.


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