Monday, December 5, 2011

New collections available

Looking for something to do on this rainy day? We would love to have you come down to the Butler Center to check out some of our recently processed collections.

Can't get away? Follow the links below to the finding aids for a few of the new collections.

MSS 04-30 Arkansas Ku Klux Klan Materials
This collection contains materials related to the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas and across the South.

MSS 05-02 Metz Family Papers
This collection contains the personal records from two family generations in Desoto, Missouri and Baring Cross (North Little Rock), Arkansas.

MSS 07-25 Governor Mike Beebe Inauguration Materials
This collection contains two large binders of materials related to the 2007 and 2011 inaugurations of Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.

MSS 07-48 3rd Missouri Calvary Photograph Collection
This collection consists of two photographs in a case and a photograph album containing images of members of the 3rd Missouri Cavalry (US), especially from Company I.

MSS 09-39 Johnson Family Materials
This collection contains documents and correspondence from the Johnson Family, long-time residents of Little Rock and descendants of the founding families of Little Rock.

MSS 09-44 Arkansas United Methodist Materials
This collection contains journals and other materials related to the Little Rock, North Arkansas, and Arkansas Conferences of the United Methodist Church.

MSS 10-02 Citizens’ Military Training Camp Photograph Album
This collection contains a small album with photographs of the Citizens' Military Training Camp at Camp Pike, Arkansas, in August 1921.

MSS 10-30 J. H. Cottrell Jr. Collection
This collection contains materials related to the political career of J. H. Cottrell Jr., Arkansas House of Representatives.

MSS 11-65 Rufus K. Young Papers
The collection includes family documents, correspondence, photographs, school and church related materials including sermons, programs, and ministerial association minutes.


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