Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Featured Arkansas Artist: Angelo Thomas

The Arkansas Studies Institute houses four art galleries, including a retail gallery, featuring the work of Arkansas artists and art related to the state. This post is part of a bi-weekly series featuring ASI gallery artists.

Angelo Thomas


Angelo Thomas is a 1984 graduate of Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, receiving a BS in art education with a minor in library science. After teaching at various public schools in the Arkansas area from 1984 to 1990, he relocated to Little Rock in 1991. He has been the director of the Teacher Education Laboratory at Philander Smith College since 1991.

Thomas has been painting seriously since 1995 and feels that his artistic maturity is peaking only now. Mainly working in oils and acrylics, he specializes in realistic portraits but also does landscapes, montage portraits/scenes, fantasy art, and still-life compositions.

He has shown many of his works in galleries and exhibitions in Arkansas and Louisiana. He also accepts commissions for portraits and other works. He currently resides in Little Rock.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I draw upon my personal experiences to create artwork that inspires others through individual expression, hard work, and God-given talent. I have been blessed to share this gift with others, and I enjoy using the full range of art techniques and materials to do so. I often do many pencil sketches on paper before I can begin a draft version of a particular painting. I then gradually transfer these rough sketches to a canvas, where an under-painting is done in either acrylic or thinned oil paint. Then, the developing painting is completed in stages (using both glazes and alla prima techniques).

The final paintings are the result of planning and changes, while improvising and being original, too. As we venture along the path of life, many things are shared and cherished. What we experience through our senses is often magnified through our inner spirit. If one can harness the power of the inner spirit and soul, what wonders might be accomplished?

Click here to see more work by Angelo Thomas.


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