Friday, May 22, 2009

FORGOTTEN: The Arkansas Korean War Project

Thirteen veterans are now featured on the website for Forgotten: The Arkansas Korean War Project.

For each veteran, you will see a photograph with a short biography. Underneath this biography, you will see all or some of the following links—finding aid, documents, photographs, audio interview, and video interview. Let me explain what you can expect to find if you follow these links.

Finding aid: This will open a pdf version the finding aid for the veteran’s complete collection. The finding aid contains an extended biography of the veteran and a file-by-file list of his items available at the Arkansas Studies Institute.

Documents: This will show you a selection of documents related to the veteran’s military service, such as official military documentation, newspaper clippings, or a memoir.

Photographs: This will open a page where you can browse a selection of photographs from the veteran’s collection. These are actual photographs of activities during the Korean War; some might not be suitable for young children.

Audio Interview: Clicking this link will open an audio version of the oral history interview Brian Robertson, our Manuscripts Coordinator, conducted with the veteran.

Video Interview: This link is currently unavailable, but will allow you to watch a video version of the oral history interviews in the near future.

Please visit the page and help us honor our veterans. If you or someone you know would like to participate in the project, please contact Brian Robertson at (501)320-5723.

2nd Battalion, 17th Regiment, 7th Army Infantry Division assembly area for counter-attack, near Old Baldy/Pork Chop Hill, Korea, October 7, 1952.
From KWP-12 Donald G. McMillan Korean War Collection

Keith Jernigan (USMC) standing in front of sign for Masan, Korea, January 19, 1951.
From KWP-13 A. Keith Jernigan Korean War Collection

Contributed by Stephanie Bayless, Manuscripts Department


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