Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home Movie Day

October 18, 2008 was National Home Movie Day. The Butler Center has participated in Home Movie Day since 2006 and has created an electronic archive of home movie footage. This year, we are adding a page to our Digital Collections to highlight selections from our home movie collection. Included in the highlights are Fort Smith parade scenes with Eleanor Roosevelt and comedian Bob Burns, clips from the first Razorback football game at War Memorial Stadium, scenes from the Little Rock Central High desegregation crisis, and footage of the implosion of the Marion Hotel.

To view selected clips from the Butler Center home movie collection, go to the Butler Center homepage and select Digital Collections, or direct your browser straight to the home movie footage.

Our home movie project is a year-round event. We invite anyone with home movies of Arkansas families and Arkansas-related events to send us movies that we will transfer to DVD at no charge. We will keep one copy of the movies for our collection and return a DVD copy and the originals to the owner. We can transfer any type of film, VHS, Hi-8, and miniDV tapes.

Please give us feedback on the webpage and help us spread the word about our film and video-transfer service. For more information contact Chris Stewart at 501-918-3088.


Joe Wasson,  April 19, 2015 at 1:07 PM  

After some research I'm finding that the clip you have of Eleanore Roosevelt & Bob Burns & Rita Hayworth is from 1939, when Bob Burns & Miss Hayworth were in Fort Smith to premier Bob's new movie, Our Leading Citizen. I'm not sure why Elenore was here, she was also back here in April, 1940. Love the Butler Center & the work you do! Joe Wasson Fort Smith, AR

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