Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coming Soon. . .

On a recent trip to Dallas, I visited the Sixth Floor Museum. While trying to entertain my five year old who wasn't in the mood to appreciate anything except for the various buttons to push, I noticed a small section of the exhibit dedicated to the collection/preservation of the artifacts, photographs, and oral histories. Upstairs on the seventh floor rotating exhibit space, there was an area describing how to preserve home movie film. Later in the gift shop as I wandered around waiting for my child to spend her allotted $10 (luckily, every boring place mom wants to go has a gift shop), I saw that the theme was continued with archival boxes and supplies available for sale.

Watching a group of visitors oh-and-ah over the supplies reminded me of how little is known about the behind the scenes work in archives and museums. In a previous post, I gave you a little taste of what a typical day was like for an archivist. This time, I'm going to give you a little look into the behind the scenes work here at the Butler Center.

Throughout October this blog will be running a special series of posts detailing the ins and outs of processing an archival collection. Complete with photographs! This four part weekly series starts next Monday. Be sure to stay tuned to see some behind-the-scenes processing action.

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Contributed by Stephanie Bayless, Manuscripts Department.


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