Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Social Habits of Archivists

This week archivists from all over the country are heading to San Francisco, California for the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists (this is the biggie, folks).

Have you ever been curious about what a bunch of archivists might do when we all get together? Whatever you might imagine, we don’t sit around in our smoking jackets contemplating the acidity of various paper products. Nor do we have fashion shows of the newest up-and-coming archivists modeling their favorite pair of white gloves. Although that might not be such a bad suggestion. . .

Why not check out the official ARCHIVES 2008: Archival R/Evolution & Identities site or the unofficial wiki for insider information.

If you are feeling particularly brave, poke around some of the posts made by bloggers at the SAA. You can start here. Have fun!

Contributed by Stephanie Bayless, Manuscripts Department.


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